Friday, April 22, 2011

WGS 310 Week 14

Susan K. Langer
 During this semester my Women's and Gender Studies Class has been discussing the history and development of women and rhetoric. While taking this class, I have seen how styles and approaches to rhetoric have changed throughout history. And I have definitely seen how a women's approach to writing rhetoric has been either rejected or accepted and how if often depended upon the period of time or by the individual situation during that person's life.
I felt it would be interesting to read and write about an article written by Arabella Lyon which is titled,  Susanne K. Langer: Mother and Midwife at the Rebirth of Rhetoric.
I found the title interesting and felt it had probably been directed towards a feminist interested audience. I am sad to say that I had never heard of Susanne K. Langer before this class and after learning about her I find it even more disappointing that she has not received the sort of credit deserved for the understanding and development of rhetoric.

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