Friday, April 8, 2011

WGS 310 - Week 12

As she fumbled with the clock pieces, her old crooked fingers were slowly examining the choices that
were strewn across the cluttered kitchen table.
She couldn't understand why she continued to let herself worry about this silly old clock, it wasn't
worth anything, she couldn't even remember how she had acquired this old broken heap of gears,
wheels, and springs. But, somehow it was hers now and she wanted to make it work.
As she continued working on it, she couldn't quite understand what she was feeling. Was she hungry? Was she getting another one of her dreadful migraines?
She paused for a moment to let herself look at the mess around her, when her thoughts became interrupted from the soft meow of the cat which had been sitting patiently at her feet waiting for his nightly treat.
The little old lady bent down and gave the hungry kitty a little pat on the head and then got up from the table to feed him.
"Silly old cat", she said, in a quiet little whisper, "You've been in my life longer than any of those men have been...haven't you?"
Without waiting for an answer she gave her faithful companion another pat on the back while she enjoyed the feeling of his soft fur much more than the sharp cold feeling of the metal clock pieces.
As she walked towards the pantry to get herself a snack, she passed the table and saw herself in the mirror that was hanging on the wall, she had once hung it there when she had been trying to add the feeling of space and light to her tiny cramped kitchen.
When she paused to look at herself, she realized she looked tired and that she was seriously sick of trying to make sense of these broken pieces which were spread across her table.
That night when she went to bed, she promised herself that when she gets up in the morning that she is going to build herself a sundial...and while falling asleep she thought to herself,  "building a sundial will be a hell of a lot easier then trying to fix an old broken clock".

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