Tuesday, October 19, 2010


As most adults I know (and even some younger people) I really dislike Barney. I also get a rash when I participate in lengthy discussions about diapers, what colors would be great to paint the dining room, the neighbors, or even about television shows.

Over time I have learned that I do enjoy having my young son disagree with me about the creation story in the Bible. (At least he’s thinking and having the confidence to express his thoughts!) I also take pleasure in trying to teach my children why some people believe the things they do. It’s even fun to completely ruin any attempt of my kids trying to play a word game trick on me when they ask me what color is the sky (I’m supposed to answer “blue” ) but, instead I answer that it is occasionally blue or gray or even sometimes pink and orange.

Over the years, I have been taught that in order to be a woman I need to act a particular way, I am also taught that when I want to be a mother that I need to act another way. I even hear at church that motherhood and marriage are revered as sacred callings – but, the isolation of single motherhood is ignored.

Guess what? I like being a single mother! I love going to college! I love spending time with my kids doing the silly things we do.

So, before my brain goes on lockdown from pondering issues of feminism, religion and motherhood – I think the kids and I will head out and see what we can explore. Maybe this time we will go to the local coffee shop, order ourselves a hot chocolate, and sit next to a business person just to watch their reaction.