Friday, April 29, 2011

WGS 310 - week 15

I really wish there was a grading scale which would take into account life experiences and how we get through them. If this were the case, then I would have no problem telling you that I deserve an A+ in perseverance. But, unfortunately this isn’t what you are asking for with this assignment. I am honestly happy with my current grade of B+ and the only disappointment I have this semester was my inability to do A+ work.

My challenges have included the normal things such as sickness, ER visits, and my daughters cat dying, etc. But, my struggles started when my kids and I moved here in September and the challenge it has been to get our lives together again. I am without the great support network of friends and as a result of the move, I lost my financial assistance for childcare. I knew the childcare would be an issue when I moved – but, I seriously underestimated the stress it would cause while I tried to get my school work done. School closings, school delays, days off for this and that…Ugh!! Just thinking about it- is stressing me out. But, my biggest disappointed this semester happened last Friday when I missed class! My children had the day off school for Good Friday and I was without gas and any money (even my change jar is empty). I had just planned on walking to class with my children, when that morning it looked was going to rain!!!  I felt guilty and disappointed for missing class - but, I also knew I needed to keep my children from walking to school in the rain. I think it’s strange how my children are my biggest motivation to finish school – yet, they are part of the biggest obstacle!

But, I know I have gone through worse things in my life and realize this stage of my life will pass like all the other struggles I have had. I am sorry that I missed a few blog postings and had a hard time keeping-up with assignments. I would say that this class has been a wonderful experience and I appreciate learning about all these great women and what they have had to go through in their lives. Knowing that as women and part of humanity, we all really have this shared will to do better and even though we all have our own obstacles to overcome just makes the ride not seem so lonely.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Just Think About It!

Here is something I came across on the internet that I think is a very interesting example demonstrating something I just cannot understand. Recently, I heard of the terrible crimes Spc. Jeremy Morlock committed while he was serving in the military and I heard about the sentence he was given - but, yet PFC Bradley Manning is still serving time in soliarty confinement?

SPC. JEREMY MORLOCK: committed atrocities against civilians, took trophies from his victims, attempted to cover-up his crimes.

Has been offered and has accepted a plea agreement.

PFC BRADLEY MANNING: horrified by atrocities,reported them up the chain of command, told to ignore them, blew the whistle.

Serving 300+ days pre-trail solitary confinement.
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WGS 310 Week 14

Susan K. Langer
 During this semester my Women's and Gender Studies Class has been discussing the history and development of women and rhetoric. While taking this class, I have seen how styles and approaches to rhetoric have changed throughout history. And I have definitely seen how a women's approach to writing rhetoric has been either rejected or accepted and how if often depended upon the period of time or by the individual situation during that person's life.
I felt it would be interesting to read and write about an article written by Arabella Lyon which is titled,  Susanne K. Langer: Mother and Midwife at the Rebirth of Rhetoric.
I found the title interesting and felt it had probably been directed towards a feminist interested audience. I am sad to say that I had never heard of Susanne K. Langer before this class and after learning about her I find it even more disappointing that she has not received the sort of credit deserved for the understanding and development of rhetoric.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Just another reason to love her.

I love how strong her voice can sound when she is singing from a place deep within her soul. Over a year ago I saw a video of her singing "My Boy Builds Coffins" while sitting on a bench in a park. There is a natural and down to earth element to her performances that I admire and this video of her work environment is a wonderful example of the creative energy that is such a beautiful element to her song writing talent.

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Sleigh Bells - Riot Rhythm

I think this is a pretty cool video and I seriously think I know the child in it. ;)
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Friday, April 8, 2011

WGS 310 - Week 12

As she fumbled with the clock pieces, her old crooked fingers were slowly examining the choices that
were strewn across the cluttered kitchen table.
She couldn't understand why she continued to let herself worry about this silly old clock, it wasn't
worth anything, she couldn't even remember how she had acquired this old broken heap of gears,
wheels, and springs. But, somehow it was hers now and she wanted to make it work.
As she continued working on it, she couldn't quite understand what she was feeling. Was she hungry? Was she getting another one of her dreadful migraines?
She paused for a moment to let herself look at the mess around her, when her thoughts became interrupted from the soft meow of the cat which had been sitting patiently at her feet waiting for his nightly treat.
The little old lady bent down and gave the hungry kitty a little pat on the head and then got up from the table to feed him.
"Silly old cat", she said, in a quiet little whisper, "You've been in my life longer than any of those men have been...haven't you?"
Without waiting for an answer she gave her faithful companion another pat on the back while she enjoyed the feeling of his soft fur much more than the sharp cold feeling of the metal clock pieces.
As she walked towards the pantry to get herself a snack, she passed the table and saw herself in the mirror that was hanging on the wall, she had once hung it there when she had been trying to add the feeling of space and light to her tiny cramped kitchen.
When she paused to look at herself, she realized she looked tired and that she was seriously sick of trying to make sense of these broken pieces which were spread across her table.
That night when she went to bed, she promised herself that when she gets up in the morning that she is going to build herself a sundial...and while falling asleep she thought to herself,  "building a sundial will be a hell of a lot easier then trying to fix an old broken clock".

Friday, April 1, 2011

WGS Week 11 Posting - My View of the News.

During these last couple months I have been enthralled (obsessed?) with the events that have been occurring in the Middle East. While I have been watching these dramatic events unfold, I have had the chance to witness varying opinions and points-of-view while I have been using multiple sources of information, such as; Twitter, Al-Jazeera English, CNN, BBCWorld, and NPR. When it came time to read about the next “Breaking News” I would have the opportunity to explore all these sources and witness for myself the subtle and sometimes significant difference within the language and the images used when it came to reporting a story.

I will give a brief comparison of words that have stuck-out in my mind as I have been noticing these nuances within the diverse sources of media. The biggest difference I noticed is the words that were used in regards to the people during the Egyptian and Libyan “Uprising”/”Revolution” for weeks there would be stories of the “rebels”/“anarchist”/“martyrs” which were “killed”/“murdered” for “freedom” or to “overthrow the government”.

As most people know, the goal of most news sources is to be as factual as possible when it comes to reporting (really? even Fox News?) – but, there will always be discrepancies within the personal background of the reporters, the affiliation the news has with its sponsors, and the point-of-view associated with race, gender, age, etc., of all those involved with the creation and the presentation of the story.

Knowing this, I still think it is amazing how blatantly biased news sources can be when it comes to actually telling a story that should clearly be fact based and without opinion. The biggest not-so-subtle variation I saw repored took place this last week with the "abduction"or "institutionalization" of a women that was raped and was one point reported as a drunk and prostitute.

I have posted the alternative point of view story that appeared after the Eman Al-Obeidi became a global news event. If you have had a chance to see my previous blog post "The Politics of Rape" please watch this next video and you will have the chance to see how depending on where you live, can make a huge difference with how you will hear a story.