Monday, February 28, 2011

WGS 310 - week 7 FloTV - Spine Removal

For my class I was asked to watch a Super Bowl commercial and to give my opinion on how these commercials represent women and to discuss any significance it may have to women and rhetoric. My reaction will be addressed in this open letter to the creators of this FloTV commercial.

Dear FloTV and the advertising company used to create this commercial:

Guess what!?...I don't like shopping and I'm female! I know that may be a hard pill for the people at this company to swallow - but, it's true. I really hate shopping - and I know other women that actually share these same negative feelings about malls and shopping centers as me! Therefore, my opinion is not that unique.

While creating this commercial I can imagine you were trying to appeal to football loving males since this was a commercial to be shown during the Super Bowl. But, seriously - do you need to feed these men this pathetic image of women just for the sake of selling a few more hand-held television devises?

Also, while commercials like these continue to be made - have you ever stopped to wonder how the male population likes being insulted by these "weak" attempts at humor? I seriously think that if you really put some thought into the creation of next years Super Bowl commercial that you will have the opportunity to use your money more wisely.

The quote from this commercial that makes me laugh is, "Get out of that skirt Jason"...guess what? I think men who can wear kilts actually look hot.

Thank goodness my worldview is much more developed than the creators of this commercial.

Thank you,

"God Loving Slut"

Here is a link to the commercial for those that may not have seen it:

FloTV - Spine Removal

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