Friday, March 4, 2011

WGS 310 Week 8

    I think reading an excerpt this week from Mary Wollstonecraft titled "A Vindication of the Rights of Woman" has been a very interesting experience.  It is very disheartning that these concerns Wollstonecraft had in 1792 are to some degree still an issue in 2011.

    How often do we still have to worry about education for the poor or opportunities for women?  These are people whom are often facing challenges of trying to get ahead - especially for single mothers that are left trying to academically get ahead or advance within thier careers.  Occasionally, I have been told as I was either working or going to school that my children are not welcome to be with me or that I cannot miss another day because my child is sick (or if not directly told these words - I can guarentee that this attitude has been reflected upon my next performance review).

    Are there any laws that protect mothers (father/parents) who are solely responsible for thier children and trying to finish a degree or keep thier job?  Are there sufficient programs or assistance to help parents of sick children?  I personally have had the blessing of knowing people in my life that would often take care of my sick child - so I could keep my job.  Since I've moved it's not that easy - but, luckily my church provides me with an incredible support network.


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