Saturday, February 12, 2011

Working Together

I offer my sincere prayers and condolences to the family and friends of loved ones who were killed during the 18 days of protest in Egypt.

May their bravery and determination never be forgotten as Egypt and her people move on towards a glorious future of freedom.

I know many people all over the world are concerned with the future of this country - but, I believe it is time to put our faith in the people to do what is right. Besides, haven't they gotten this far without our help?

I want to leave you with a couple beautiful photos I have seen come out of Egypt during these last few days. May these photographs be an inspiration to all of us and to be a reassurance of the strength and beauty we all have within us.

Thank You Egypt!

Here is a photograph taken by Nevine Zaki which has circulated through Twitter.  As posted on her yfrog page - Navine explains that this a photograph of Christians protecting Muslims during their time of prayer on a day of demonstrations.
Here is a photograph posted by @arwasm on her yfrog page.  Today in Egypt was a day of cleaning and rebuilding.

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