Sunday, December 26, 2010

LOVE Trailer - Angels & Airwaves Movie

I can only vaguely imagine how lonely death must be and how that moment in our life is an experience we can never fully comprehend or be prepared to encounter. For those that have been or that are close to death they have been given a very rare opportunity to ponder what is precious and what touches the very core of their heart and soul. I remember having a dream where I was dying and then waking-up with the terrible feeling of an aching heart at the thought of leaving behind my children and then realizing they are what breathes life into my soul each day. This feeling remained with me for several days…

Sometimes a movie such as “Into the Wild” (2007) can come along and remind us of what is precious and help us to capture a glimpse of what it might be like to face the end of our own existence…

I believe when confronted with death we learn that it is LOVE that is at the very core of our lives. Why else do we crave it, long for it, or seek it and find comfort in it's presence?

Here is a movie that I am looking forward to watching which is appropriately titled, “Love”. I am excited to view the imagery and hear the soundtrack blended together to convey a message that we can all understand because it is what makes us go on each day in this life.

Here is a quote from Atom Willard in an interview found at "Angels and Airwaves: Atom Willard". “The idea behind the movie was really to accompany the music with tools that we could really get behind. The idea was that the first time you ever heard the music for a certain record it would be accompanied by all these images and iconography of things that we believe in and that we love, or that have inspired us…”

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