Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Just for You!

Have you ever wanted to tell someone off or wished you knew voodoo magic and could make a voodoo doll?  It has been several years since I tried dating and during the last few years - I thought I was ready and put myself out there.  Instead, I experienced much more grief and heartache to even make it worth my time.

This is a song I have loved whenever I experienced a break-up!  I discovered this song in 1996 - and had  hell of a time trying to find the CD.  But, I was thrilled to have found it on e-bay.a few years ago.  And today while searching through this great abyss (aka - the Internet ) I discovered the video for this song (which I had no idea even existed!)

So, for all the lying cheating tools that I have ever dated - this songs for you baby!

Artist: Zoe  Song title:  Hammer

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